“I’m Really Good at Google”

Hi there, glad you ended up here.

The road here has not been a linear path. My formal education began with my first love, fashion design. I worked in the industry for several years as a designer and stylist  when I realized that there was a question that needed answering. “Where am I going with this?” Back to school I went and studied marketing.  I quickly realized that my strengths were problem solving, turning words into images/designs and simplifying the message.  During that time I scored an internship at a trend forecasting office, which allowed me to start building my digital skills beyond drawing flat sketches and spec sheets in Illustrator.

The key to success in any field requires the ability to learn, adapt and change

The “aha” moment came a couple of years ago when I realized that everything that I had been doing had infinite applications beyond the fashion industry. I didn’t even know what the term “user experience” meant yet. But I had already been implementing  parts of the process for quite some time. I was trying to build a better product based on my ideal customer’s wants and needs.

  • Mood boards
  • Sketches
  • Building personas to identify my key customers
  • Researching and testing
  • Creating emotion through imagery and color

I dove into the digital realm armed with this basic knowledge and have been taking formal courses and also teaching myself whenever possible.  When I’m not learning or working, I’m planning my next escape to go kite boarding or paddle boarding, writing and doodling in a sketch book or at my computer drinking coffee…


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